Think Safety, Work Safely, Home Safely!
Think Safety, Work Safely, Home Safely!

Rigger and Signalman Course

Course Overview

The Rigger and Signalman course aim at providing the workers with the knowledge and skill required to prepare and ties the load for safe lifting by any form of lifting equipment using correct and clear signals to guide the crane operator in the manoeuvring of a load Safely to its destination.


rigger and signalman


Target Participants

The course targets individuals whose job roles are Rigger and Signalman in the workplace.

Participant Size: <=18 per trainer


Rigger & Signalman Course Outline

  1. Workplace Safety and Health Act 2006
  2. Roles and Responsibilities of a Rigger and Signalman
  3. Toolbox Meeting
  4. Estimating load and Centre of Gravity
  5. Pre-lift inspection of crane, lifting gear & accessories and good housekeeping practice
  6. Set-up and restore communication equipment
  7. Selection and use of rigging equipment, lifting gears and accessories
  8. Rig methods and techniques
  9. Accident prevention and emergency response
  10. 12 Standard Hand Signals
  11. 16 Standard Voice Signals
  12. Perform safe lifting operation
  13. Out-door Demonstration and Practice


Rigger & Signalman Course Delivery

Course duration: 21 hours

Delivery Method: Lecture, group discussions, role play, case study.

Venue: We have training centres conveniently located in the Central, North, South and West.



Written test (Multiple Choice Questions) and practical performance to test the application of knowledge of Rigger Signalman course.

Upon successful completion of this Rigger Signalman course, a safety pass endorsed by the MOM approved training organisations will be issued to the participants.


Price – Only S$300/person (before GST & SDF subsidy*)

* SDF (Singapore Skills Development Fund) subsidy/grant is subject to eligibility, check details with us.


Limited seats available, call 82066735 to enrol today!