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There are some mandatory bizSAFE courses which the business must fulfil in their pursuit for the bizSAFE certification. These bizSAFE courses are required at bizSAFE level 1,2 & 4. Here’s an overview and summary of which are the bizSAFE courses which are required at various bizSAFE levels.  


The table below summarises the 5 different levels of bizSAFE recognition and required courses:

 Course Title
 Target Audience
bizSAFE Level 1Demonstrate top management commitmentCEO/Top or Senior Management Workshop (bizSAFE Level 1)CEO/Top management/Senior executives 3 HoursS$90 (before GST)
bizSAFE Level 2Acquire risk management capabilityWSQ Develop a Risk Management Implementation Plan (bizSAFE level 2)Appointed Risk Management (RM) Champion 2 DaysS$340 (before GST)
bizSAFE Level 3Implement risk managementNo Course/training required for this level.You are required to engage a MOM approved WSH auditor to assess the implementation of the RM for the businessRM Champion, MOM approved WSH auditor RM Champion, MOM approved WSH auditor NANA
bizSAFE Level 4 Acquire capability in managing WSH systematicallyWSQ Develop a WSH Management System implementation Plan (bizSAFE level 4)Appointed WSHMS programme lead 4 DaysS$600 (Before GST)
bizSAFE STARDeliver excellence in WSH management systemNo Course/training required for this level.Obtain SS506 Certification issued by SAC accredited certification bodies OR ISO 45001:2015 or other equivalent certification accompanied by a RM Implementation Audit Report by MOM Approved WSH AuditorRM Champion, WSHMS Programmed lead NANA

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