Think Safety, Work Safely, Home Safely!
Think Safety, Work Safely, Home Safely!

Workplace Safety & Health (WSH) Consultation

Complete the Safety & Health risk assessment for your workplace early to avoid safety hazards or penalty!


The Ministry of Manpower unveiled a new occupational safety and health framework to eliminate or mitigate safety and health risks at source in 2005. The framework stated all risks at work can be controlled, and all accidents or ill health can be prevented. 

Some risks require more than one control method to achieve optimum results. Whatever risk control measures we take, the aim is to reduce the likelihood of occurrence and/or the severity of the accident or ill health. The framework stated that the risk must be reduced to an acceptable level before the commencement of work.


Workplace safety


Risk management is a process by which the management assesses the risks, determines the control measures, and takes appropriate actions to reduce such risks. It is one critical action to prevent deaths, injuries, and ill health at work.

It is stated in the Ministry of Manpower regulations that all workplaces need to conduct risk assessments to help identify the source of risks, actions that should be taken, and parties responsible for doing so.

Therefore, it is important to your business to take action early to have your workplace safety assessed and put in place a risk management system to avoid any safety hazards.


What are the penalties related to the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH Risk Management) Regulations?


Any employer, self-employed person or principal (including contractor and sub-contractor) who fails to comply with the following requirements of the Workplace Safety and Health (Risk Management) Regulations is guilty of an offense:


  • Conduct a risk assessment for all work in the workplace.
  • Take reasonably practicable measures to eliminate or reduce safety and health risks.
  • Establish safe work procedures if the risks cannot be eliminated.
  • Specify the roles and responsibilities of persons involved in the implementation of risk control measures and safe work procedures.
  • Keep records of risk assessment.
  • Inform employees of the nature of the risks involved and any risk control measures or safe work procedures implemented.
  • Review or revise risk assessment.


The penalty for the first offense is a fine of up to $10,000. For a second or subsequent offense, the offender may be fined up to $20,000 or jailed up to 6 months or both.


How can we help you to mitigate the WSH risk?


VES Global has a systematic methodology in developing appropriate control initiatives with reference to the Code of Practice on Workplace Safety and Health (WSH Risk Management) framework. We are familiar with the legal requirements, our consultants are trained with the expertise to identify hazards, evaluate risks and implement appropriate risk control measures for your workplace

Don’t take chance when it comes to safety hazards, protect your employees and valuable assets by taking action early to have your workplace assessed and risk management established. Let us help you to conduct a risk assessment and establish risk management for your workplace.

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