Think Safety, Work Safely, Home Safely!
Think Safety, Work Safely, Home Safely!


Be a rising bizSAFE STAR!


bizSAFE STAR logo image with size 350-228Workplace Safety & Health Council (WSHC) term the highest level of bizSAFE as bizSAFE STAR, not bizSAFE Level 5!

bizSAFE STAR is the highest level of accreditation in the bizSAFE journey, it signifies the organisation’s achievement of Workplace Safety & Health (WSH) Safety and Risk Management Excellence. 


As an organisation who attain the bizSAFE STAR status, it acquires all the bizSAFE benefits as follows:

  1. Gaining recognition by bizSAFE partners and industry
  2. Gain business competitive advantages with possibly more business opportunities
  3. Motivated employees with safe and healthier work environment.  


Therefore, we strongly encourage your business/enterprise to pursue this certification to boost your industry image and competitiveness. Be a STAR, a rising bizSAFE STAR!


What is required to be a bizSAFE STAR? 


To be awarded bizSAFE STAR status, which is the highest level of bizSAFE Certification, it is a requirement that your business/enterprise must obtain SS506 Certification issued by Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) accredited certification bodies OR ISO 45001:2015 (Occupational health and safety management) or other equivalent international certification, accompanied by a risk management Implementation internal audit report by MOM Approved WSH Auditor. At this stage, your supervisor/project lead would have completed the WSQ WSHMS (Workplace Safety & Health Management System) course and had developed the WSHMS implementation plan in the programme. The SAC accredited certification body will need to audit your Workplace Safety & Health Management System (WSHMS) to ensure a functional WSHMS is in place. The WSHMS implementation ensures your workplace risk or hazards are identified, managed and controlled against the WSH Act or Standards to protect the workers rights. 


After obtaining the relevant certificates of attendance and audit reports and WSHMS implemented, your company can then submit the bizSAFE STAR applications on-line at, application is free of charge. This bizSAFE STAR accreditation is an important testimony of the business or enterprise top management’s support and commitment in making it’s workplace a safe place to work in. A safe workplace is an essential factor in motivating and retaining employees.


Although this is a highest level of attainment for the bizSAFE Journey, it doesn’t stop there, companies who were awarded bizSAFE STAR are expected to sustain their credentials by continuing to monitor and refine their WSHMS and risk management, similar to ISO certification. A renewal audit has to be conducted every 3 years to sustain the certification. It is good practice to allow at least 3 months of time to prepare for renewal in terms of updating the relevant documents, WSHMS systems and risk assessment. 


How can we help you?


VES Global Pte Ltd offers full professional support and quality services to your company to successfully achieve the bizSAFE STAR or renewal. We provide on site audit, consultation, coaching and training to your key players involved in the risk management implementation. We assess your workplace for risk or hazards, check and verify the risk implementation plan and execution to ensure your success in attaining the bizSAFE STAR!  


Contact us at 82066735 today, we will make you a STAR!


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