Think Safety, Work Safely, Home Safely!
Think Safety, Work Safely, Home Safely!

bizSAFE Level 3

Get the Required Safety and Risk Management Competencies for a Successful bizSAFE level 3 Certification!


In order to attain bizSAFE Level 3, your company or organisation CEO, top or senior management must engage a MOM approved independent auditor to assess and audit the Risk Management plan and Implementation in your company, similar to the ISO or OHSAS audit process. Subject to the auditor’s report that your business/company has met the requirements of the MOM Workplace Safety & Health (WSH Risk Management) act and regulations, the company may then be awarded with the WSHC (WSH Council) bizSAFE Level 3 status/recognition. 

bizSAFE level 3 LogoThe audit encompasses site inspection, document review and interviews with key personnel. 

Document reviews cover the following:

  • Certificates for related Employee Training courses
    • Corporate/Company CEO/Director/Top management or bizSAFE introduction/overview/concept workshop completion certificate 
    • WDA WSQ bizSAFE Level 2 course/programme certificate on risk management by WSH lead, supervisors or participants 
  • Business/enterprise/Company WHS Policy
  • Risk assessment report
  • Work safety procedures

Site inspection by the auditor will be conducted to verify implementation of risk control measures and risk management systems in accordance to WSH guidelines. It includes interview with key appointment holders or supervisors in the Risk Management implementation to look for gap, sign and evidence of an organisation’s readiness for bizSAFE Level 3 status. 


How we can assist you?


VES Global Pte Ltd (Singapore) has a team of experienced professional consultants who will support your company or organization with the development & preparation of the bizSAFE level 3 requirements. We attend and perform a pre-inspection or audit at your home site before the MOM-approved & accredited auditor’s assessment.

We have a good, comprehensive, proven system, process, and checklist to ensure compliance with the bizSAFE level 3 requirements. It will tremendously increase the success rate to achieve the objective of getting bizSAFE level 3 certification.

We will facilitate, coach & guide your RM Champion/manager, supervisors and workers who have a safety role & responsibilities to impart skills on how to effectively identify, control, monitor and manage the risk at source to create a safe work place.

We shall assist your company in cultivating the work safety culture and mindset in the workplace, align with your company’s WSH policy and standards. All employee or individual should be made aware, understand and learn the company’s WSH policy. They should develop competencies and capabilities to handle safety related issues and incidents. In view of the importance of preparing the documentations, we will assist your lead to ensure the required information and knowledge is provided clearly to facilitate the ease of submission and application without any rework.

We are very confident that your company will be able to attain the bizSAFE level 3 certification by following our simple, proven methodology and guidance, just like many other organizations who have benefited from our consultancy and were pleased to have engaged our services to attain the bizSAFE award. Check some of the testimonials we have received from our customers at the right sidebar of this page.

You have our commitment to assist the company step by step and end to end to prepare, develop, and submit the relevant documentation and forms required to register and apply for the bizSAFE level 3 certification online. We shall minimize the time taken & resources to complete the certification as much as possible.

Call or email us for any inquiries or doubts about bizSAFE level 3 certification, we will be most glad to have a discussion with you on your goals. We encourage companies who pursue bizSAFE level 3 to stretch their goals to bizSAFE Star, the highest level of WSHC bizSAFE level in the WSHC bizSAFE program to maximize the benefits of time, budget, and resources.  

We also provide service to sustain the bizSAFE level 3 through renewals, contact us early before the certification expires! Click for more details on bizSAFE renewals.

Our fees are competitive and reasonable with no compromise in service quality! Contact us or send us enquiry via email or phone now!


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