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management 270-250bizSAFE level 1 is the first step on the bizSAFE journey which starts from the Company/Enterprise top management and senior executives (e.g.Company owners, CEO, GM, MD, directors ) to sign up and attend a 3 hours bizSAFE workshop for CEOs/Top management conducted by the bizSAFE service providers. Upon completion of the workshop, your company will be awarded bizSAFE Level 1 status and recognition to become a bizSAFE Enterprise. The course will cover the following, there is no assessment for this course.

  • Introduction and concepts of bizSAFE
  • MOM Workplace Safety and Health Act and Regulations
  • Management role and commitment in cultivating a good safety culture in the workplace
  • Establishment of the company WSH policy, standard and system


The bizSAFE level 1 course will be delivered in a classroom with group discussions and practical exercises to help knowledge retention. There is no pre-requisite or prior knowledge of WSH required to attend this course. Our consultants will work with you on the logistics and coordination for the course/training with the best possible schedule to ensure minimal disruptions to your top management/executives time and resource. This will also be a great opportunity for your senior managers to network with other companies CEO/top executives to share key learnings, experiences and challenges as a bizSAFE Enterprise community to create a safe place to work for the employees and/or other business opportunities!


The workshop/programme covers an overview of bizSAFE Enterprise framework and objectives, this bizSAFE Level 1 workshop targets to have the company’s top management understand bizSAFE concepts, importance and benefits of inculcating a safety culture in the work place and organisation. There will be more task to be done as a bizSAFE Enterprise pursue up the bizSAFE levels such as safety audits, risk assessment, risk control, develop WSH management system plan and implementations.  

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VES Global Pte Ltd offers a comprehensive list of bizSAFE courses and consultancy services. The course will be delivered by a MOM accredited training provider who has convenient training locations island wide with various time and schedules. Please check more details and information at bizSAFE Level 1 course


Don’t wait or procrastinate, start this exciting bizSAFE journey today with bizSAFE Level 1 to join other successful businesses to be a bizSAFE Enterprise to enhance your company competitive advantage today!   


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